Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Not Guilty of the Crime...

Not guilty of the crime...
by Joseph

Thirty-six years ago I was charged with a crime
Convicted without a trial, my name bloodied and bowed
I met my accuser who served as judge and jury
She sentenced me for life with no credit for the time...

I had thought she was a friend or I had supposed
A bad assumption in terms of what trespassed
To this day my guilt is assumed, though
I was released to live on my own recognizance...

By what right do you tell someone they are wrong -
When they have been as close to you as the day is long?

By what right do you judge, unless money is power
Which may be true but does not excuse
Abusing those with less status - but perhaps more heart -
Than you.

Photo: flickr (peterastn)

Note: This is not about a sexual assault or other major crime, but about something that happened long ago between two college classmates. One accused the other of stealing a vinyl record album!

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