Thursday, July 2, 2009

When authors go wild...

Just yesterday we told you about an author who lashed out at a reviewer for the New York Times Book Review. Now it turns out that mega-author Alice Hoffman, whose latest book we will not mention or picture here, has blown a couple of gaskets. As reported by USA Today: "Author Alice Hoffman is getting media attention - not so much because of her 21st novel... but because of her behavior. Hoffman, incensed by a review of her novel that ran in The Boston Globe on Sunday sent out Twitter posts calling reviewer Roberta Silman 'a moron'... She also lashed out at a blogger who was moderating a Barnes & Noble discussion of the book. Hoffman apologized in both cases."

Whew! Maybe we should hold off on the bold coffee for now and just serve decaf, at least to certain prominent writers.

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