Saturday, February 28, 2009

A Starbucks Post-Script...

Just yesterday I put up a post called "Starbucks Seems To Be Trying, But..." which happened to note that my local 'bucks coffee shop seems to be having problems with supplies/suppliers. Later in the day I happened to go to the My Starbucks Idea website-blog where a customer named Jacqyet put up a post entitled, "a Pike Place Roast true story..." Jacqyet was in line at a Starbucks and overheard a customer being told that PPR was the only choice because, "We were short-shipped our weekly supply of bold."

Maybe this is just a coincidence. If not it is another sign of a troubling trend.

I hate to add this, except for the fact that it's true... I went to a different Starbucks yesterday - not my usual shop - and again found that the lid on my Tall Verona (the only bold they had, sigh) did not fit the to-go cup. At least in the photograph above the lid seems to fit the Tall (small) portable cup.

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