Friday, February 27, 2009

Starbucks Seems to Be Trying, But...

The staff members at my local Starbucks shop seem to be trying harder. After a few months of being grumpy, they're friendly again, and actually smile and talk to the customers. And this shop now has more staff working during the morning hours; at least one and sometimes two additional "bearistas" brewing and serving. OK, so this is the good news.

The bad is that they seem to be having new problems with supplies of everything from coffee beans to...

For example, three mornings ago, the posted bold coffee was Ethiopa Sidomo. Now this sounded good! Well, by the time I got to the front of the small line, I was told they were out. What?

A bear-brewer ran into a back room and came out with a bag of Verona beans. This meant a wait of at least 8 to 9 minutes for this new, less bold, coffee to be brewed. Not so good.

Oh, and the coffee lids never seem to fit right now. This very morning, a staff member opened a second bag of lids for my Tall drink and complained out loud that the lids in stock are not fitting. (You'll notice this when your coffee drink spills all over your clothes as you walk away from the counter.)

Then there are the cheaper napkins in stock. They may be more natural but they also look and feel cheap. And then...

Well, there's no need to go on any further. Again, I feel like someone has instructed or trained the Starbuckers to work harder and be nicer. This is positive. It's just a shame that the resources they have to work with seem to be fading away faster than GM stock loses money (and our taxpayer-provided bailout funds).

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  1. Troybear, You have hit the nail on the head. EVERYTHING at $tarbucks is getting CHEAPER and CHEAPER. I have also noticed the cheaper cups, have you noticed how cheap the new cold cups are? They are so filmsy, you can't even hold them without them collapsing in your hand. How can they expect us to pay premium prices for inferior merchandise?