Monday, May 18, 2009

It goes on

It goes on
by Joseph

No one ever knows
Why they do things
Or what makes sense
And what does not...

But when you grow -
So sadly - you grow up
You need to make your
Own decisions...

You swore you wouldn't be
So judgmental, so tough
So bound into the past
But you hear it in your voice...

Let the next generation
Have their own style, their own fun
Let them mock you,
Let them leave you behind...

Life moves on
I can accept that...
I can move aside
I can bless the young...

They will become what I
Once was, then
They will learn to accept
Their very own voice
They will learn to live their
Very own lives...

They will love their
Lives and accept their limitations
They will love life and not be jealous of
The future they cannot control...

They will no longer
Talk of lessons learned
They will no longer
Spurn the next generation...

They will accept that
Life is a blessing, life is tough,
Life is brutal,
Life is all there is...

It goes on.

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