Tuesday, May 26, 2009

A Tribute to Joni...

The actress Edie Falco, formerly the female lead of The Sopranos, said this about Joni Mitchell:

"I'm an old-school, embarrassing Joni Mitchell fan. Her music made a hook in my soul and hasn't let go for all these years. I even sing her songs as lullabies to my (two) kids. All I want for them as they're falling asleep is to be complete in the knowledge of the love I have for them. And one of the surest things I know is my own love for Joni Mitchell. It seems to somehow connect me to the love I now have for my own children."

Add this post-script from novelist-essayist Meghan Daum:

"If there's anything I've learned from listening to Joni over the years, it's that if you don't write from a place of excruciating candor, you've written nothing."

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